This is a plugin I’ve maintained for years. It provides the ability to customize the display of sidebars and widget areas on a site.

Imagine your website has a right sidebar. So you add widgets, which display in that right sidebar across your entire site. But then you realize that on your blog page, you’d like your sidebar to have different widgets.

And that’s where this plugin comes in. — It provides an interface where you can create a custom a widget area that you would assign to the “right sidebar” location and then select designate which pages of your website it will get swapped into, instead of the default right sidebar.

This is one of those plugins that I try to encourage customers not to use if they don’t need it. It is quite complex and adds a fair amount of overhead to the loading of the site, as several additional database queries need to be made to check the current page against all the custom widget areas and their assignments. However, it’s one of those plugins customers can’t seem to live without. I can’t think of any customer I’ve ever supported where I didn’t see this plugin running on their website.

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